At Dipstick's Tyres and Exhausts we are able to supply, fit, balance and offer four wheel alignment services through our tyre section. We also supply and fit performance tyres and can provide specialist tyres upon request.

The Uniflate System uses only compressed Nitrogen, thereby maintaining tyre pressures for longer. This system is currently employed by Formula 1 Racing and is compulsory within the airline industry for all aircraft tyres.

Benefits include:

  • Safer motoring through better road holding
  • Up to 25% longer tyre life
  • Up to 5% reduction on fuel consumption
  • No internal alloy wheel corrosion through water vapour or oxygen
  • Increased tyre performance through decreased heat expansion

Dipstick's Tyres and Exhausts has recently invested in the latest tyre technology, "Uniflate", the ultimate in tyre inflation


When servicing your vehicles we aim to minimise inconvenience and to protect your vehicle's resale value.


At Dipstick's we carry out all types of vehicle repairs, from air conditioning systems to vehicle bodywork and crash repair, on all makes and models.